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Vicky Vignesh

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what is the best way to clean window blinds ??


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Window blind is a shield or curtain which helps to protect us from many things like dust, pollution, etc. They always act as a protective barrier. While protecting us, they get ridden with dust and spots over the time. The best ways to clean window blinds are:
* Use vacuum cleaner as all the tiny dust particles are absorbed by it. And it makes your blinds completely clean.
*Use a cloth to wipe the dust. Do it on a regular basis as because of dusting daily the dust will not accumulate and it will be easier for you to clean.
* Use a dusting brush to clean the blinds as brush goes to every corner of the blind and removes the dust easily.
*Use water with cloth for the better results. Soak water and try to clean the accumulated dust on the blinds.
* Detergents can be a good option to clean the dirt and stains from the blind. Just add detergent to water and try to clean it with piece of cloth, rubbing on the stained area.
* Sponging is a good option to clean the dirt. As sponge helps to clean the dust easily and absorbs it.
* A mixture of water and dish soap can be used if the blinds have been exposed to grease or have stubborn dust or residue.


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