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Medha Kapoor

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What is the best way to make curd at home?


Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on

Thereis handfulof waysto makecurd at home. One of theeasiest ways is making it using starter curd.

Takealitre of milk and boil it.Let it cool down tolukewarm start. At the same time, take 3-4 spoon of stale curd in a different bowl andstir it with a spoonto smoothen it semi-liquid state.Now add this curd to thelukewarmmilk.Leavethe bowl in a dark andwarm place for overnight.Don’t disturb it forthe next6-7 hours.The next day you will have a fullbowl ofcurd.Now,keep asidea small amount from this curd to makeyour curd for the next day.

If you want this process to be quick, you can do it inas less as 4 hours.After completing the above mentionedsteps,preheatyour microwave oven at 180 degree andthen keep the bowl of your prepared milk + curd inside for 4 hours. You will haveyourthick, creamy curd ready in no time.

Of course, there are fewother methodsto make curd at home. Like one involvingdried red chili.

However, these methods aren’t as effective. Their end result is thin water-like curd.Sogo with the above mentioned technique and you will get the best result.



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Arrangement to make curd

Wash a pot well. This diminishes the odds of drain solids stalling out to the base. Pour drain and expedite it to heat up a medium to low fire.

To get thick curd, Simmer the drain for 15 mins on a low fire. Continue blending in the middle of else the drain will get scorched and smell unpleasant.