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What is the correct way to apply lipstick?


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There is no kind of little lipstick to decorate your face and add polish to your look. You don't want it on your teeth, though, and you probably wish it didn't wear out very quickly. This video shows you how to properly use your lipstick - so it stays strong - all the time.

All you need is a lip balm, lip liner, lipstick, facial tissueFollow These Steps Use a lip balm
Dot your lips with olive oil to soften and soften the streams. This will help give you the best use of lipstick.Use a lip liner
Choose the color that suits your lips, not your mouth. Before drawing a line with the lip pencil, first quote the various points along the outline of your lips. After that, to paint a bit, use a liner to attach the dots.Use the lipstick
Take the lipsticks and apply the color, which begins in the middle of the upper lip and then move forward towards one corner. Bring the lipsticks to the center and run them out toward the opposite corner. Repeat with lower lip. To fill in any missing color, blend your lipstick with your pinky, and
color your lips with your finger.Brow your lips
To remove it, which can make the lipstick last longer and brush your teeth, take a tissue and wrap it in half. Hold it with both hands, the pen facing toward you, then bring it between your lips and press your lips gently. Release. To make the lipstick last longer, dust it into the tissue to touch the tissue before cutting it.
Tip: Avoid deep cuts if you have thin lips. They tend to make the lips look smaller.Letsdiskuss