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What is the difference between focaccia and normal bread ?


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In way of life, bread is used as a metaphor for living conditions and basic necessities like “bread-earner” as a household’s main contributor and in phrases like “putting bread on the table” etc.

As a noun, bread is the foodstuff made from different cereals by baking it in form of dough. Yeast is added in bread to make it rise. It is a staple food and also very prominent in all parts of the world. Bread is made from wheat and non-wheat species eg, oats, maize, millet etc. They have less gluten. They are good source of nutrients like iron, magnesium, dietary fiber and carbohydrates. Bread is of many types and is eaten in different forms in distinctive areas of world.
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Focaccia is popular Italian baked bread; typically flat in shape similar like pizza dough. It is seasoned with fresh herbs, olive oil, garlic and salt. it is used as a side meal or sometimes enjoyed on its own. It is served with meat, cheese, soups etc. Sweet version Focaccia is eaten as a dessert or as a replacement of toast in breakfast.

To understand better, we can associate Focaccia with the pizza and normal bread with the sandwich. Bread is baked at higher than 248 degrees Fahrenheit whereas Focaccia is baked at 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the high content of olive oil and other herbs focaccia won’t go stale quickly, but other breads do. Normal bread is low cost and has less gluten than Focaccia.
Both have many varieties but comparatively normal bread is more popular and widely used.


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