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What is the difference between halal chicken and jhatka chicken?


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Halal Vs Jhatka
If you were a real carnivore, many conflicts could have been resolved where your presence was compulsory; what kind of meat is better. For some it comes down to religious feelings and we can all appreciate that fact; but with a xquivorous exoisseur that comes down to sound. There are various ways of preparing meat; Halal, Haram, Jhatka, Stunning, Kosher. I know, there's a lot of "grind"; but for the sake of this article, let's take a closer look at the actual "meat", Halal vs Jhatka.
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What is the Halal way of preparing meat?
Halal translates as "permissible" in Arabic; which means it adheres to Islamic law. As explained in the Qur'an, the animal must be healthy and healthy, cut off from the jugular vein. Once cut, you are allowed to exit; at the dedication, also called Tasmiya.
Jhatka on the other hand is how the animal is killed instantly, with one strike and no need to slow down the blood in this style. Similar to Muslims, this form of meat was given to the Sikhs as first mentioned by their tenth Guru.
So, well, now at least we know the exact path behind each style and the reason for their popularity. It has yet to answer which taste is better. So, it gets you into this aspect of both ways. The fact is that when you remove an animal's head, the blood will flow as it did not get a chance to get it out if the body of its will. This meat, then, needs to be cleaned again, as blood clots can lead to poor levels in the meat.
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This also leads to a tight grip as the meat is stored longer in cold storage, more likely to suffer from a serious illness and consequently lose weight and become stiff. Technically, meaning halal meat is soft, long lasting and slightly thinner. While all of these are valid points, there is some controversy that in the form of Jhatka the meat has a full flavor. There is no evidence to suggest it, but it is something that many like Jhatka's meat.
So there you have it, this is the info you should know about the next time there is a discussion that Halal or Jhatka meat should be a winner. What this means, I would say, is that I have had both kinds of flesh; and to this day we cannot tell the difference between these. I think it has a lot to do with how the meat is cooked and most importantly prepared. So, whatever you choose, there is nothing wrong or right; just remember to fully enjoy your meal.


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The Islamic custom of halal, which in Arabic methods allowable, includes cutting the creature's throat without first dazzling it. A slice is made to the jugular vein, carotid supply route and windpipe. ... Subsequently, the jhatka meat is viewed as harder and drier while halal meat progressively delicate and delicate.