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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Astrology

What is the difference between Sun Sign and Moon Sign?


Content Writer | Posted on

When it comes to Sun signs and Moon signs, people are always curious to discover about their specific signs and want to know more about them. Basically, there are two classes in which the zodiac signs are divided, the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign.

However, many people don't know these two categories of the zodiac signs and the fact is there is a thin line between the Moon Sign and the Sun Sign.

ASunSign is the zodiac sign in yourhoroscopewhere the Sun was in movement when you were born. On the other hand, aMoonSign is the sign in which Moon was in movement at the time of your birth.

Sun takes one year or twelve months to travel through the twelve signs. So, it stays in one zodiac sign for around one month. Therefore, it is very easy to calculate a Sun Sign just by looking at the date of birth of a person.

The Moon stays in a sign for around fifty four hours and it takes around twenty eight days to complete its cycle of the twelve signs. Therefore, it is only through looking at the horoscope that we can find out the Moon sign of a person.

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