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what is the full form of ICMR.


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The International Commission on Microbiological Specification is an international association with the purpose to provide a forum for microbiology, committee development and discussion of research pertaining to microbiology. ICMR is headquartered in London and maintains a number of branches.

The conference is organized every 2 years and the focus is on standardization of protocols, procedures, quality control and other topics in microbiology. They also provide a peer review service for journal submission. All papers are refereed by members of the Commission.

Each year since 1916, ICMR has held a biennial congress for its members. , The 2016 event will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

It was established in 1912 to bring together researchers from around the world who work with microbes, but its membership has broadened to include both life scientists (mainly microbiologists) and non-scientists (such as public health specialists).



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