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Prashant Kumar

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What is the future of the fashion industry?


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In today’s era, fashion has become an integral part of one’s life. Fashion is a certain trend according to which people behave, dress, and style up. It’s an ever changing evolution. Fashion has evolved a lot from the earlier times to now as it wasn’t much trending in older times. But now everyone is being fashionable, because of which fashion industries are flourishing at a rapid pace.


Fashion industry stands for the dress, shoes, hairstyles, accessories etc. It’s not limited to apparels only. Thus, the work and demand of fashion industry is increasing day by day. 

 Technology has changed the game for every participant in the fashion industry: designers, manufacturers, retailers, stylists, and, of course, consumers. 

Some new technologies developed by AI have played a huge role in the industry’s evolution. Cutting edge technologies like block chains, virtual and its varied applications have helped in quick production and better distribution methods. 

  Recently, from sketchpad to store shelf, every aspect of the industry is being automated or enhanced by tech — making for faster production, more effective inventory management, and a wider range of online and in-store retail experiences. 

  The outcome of all this will be an industry that becomes increasingly streamlined while simultaneously offering more options than ever before, where personalized to trendy materials are available any time . Thus, fashion industry has a great share for the economy and country development creating one of the leading market globally, for fashion industry. 


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