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Student-B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering,Mit Art Design and Technology University | Posted on | others

What is the highest speed you have ever driven in a car?


Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted on

One of the first things I thought of doing when I got my Driver's License was to drive as fast as I possibly could. I was travelling back from Agra to Delhi through the Yamuna Expressway. It is a 6-lane, 205 Km long, one of the best highways in India.

I was overtaking every other car that was coming in my way with full pedal on acceleration and after a while, I noticed that there was no car in front of me and not coming from rear. So, I decided to push the accelerator and my Honda City that was already around 145-150 Kmph reached to 175 Kmph, the fastest speed I'veever driven in a car.

After crossing the 175 mark, I got a little steering wobble which worried me and I slowed down butthat didn't stop me from enjoying my F1 racer moment! But on a very serious note never ever drive at such high speeds on normal roads and if you do on highways make sure there are no vehicles in your way and you can control the car.