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abhishek rajput

Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted 10 Aug, 2020 |

What is the main problem of Indians?

Ankit Singh

Blogger | Posted 12 Aug, 2020

The main problem is people like you who ask here & there about the self. 

abhishek rajput

Net Qualified (A.U.) | |Updated 12 Aug, 2020

I don't have the foggiest idea why however I frequently feel like that on numerous occasions the world has consistently "utilized" or "abused" India and Indians for its own advantages. 

There are a few purposes behind this: 

Old India was focal point of learning and assorted variety. We gave the world the idea of zero, Ayurveda, yoga, kamasutra, plastic medical procedure, vedic science and much more. But then, numerous significant chronicled focuses of learning like the Nalanda University were annihilated by brutal intruders. 

India has been a casualty of huge intrusions since its commencement. Individuals like Nadir Shah, Mohammed Ghori, Mahmud of Ghazni, Tamerlane, Babur, attacked India and stripped it of its riches, plundered and ravaged the towns and urban areas and so forth. 

After the Mughal Dynasty was entrenched, it saw a time of harmony under Akbar's rule. Be that as it may, after the demise of Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb again forced his standard perspectives on Islam on his kin. This brought about rebellions and clashes in his realm. 

The Britishers came to India during mid, seventeenth century as merchants. They requested the control of sea shores and ports which they alluded to as "abandoned" in return of incredible European merchandise. Jahangir(the ruler during that period) did not understand why somebody would be keen on abandoned sea shores, immediately went along decisively. Therefore giving British access to significant exchange areas and doors to overwhelming benefits, along these lines starting the demolition of his domain. 

Aurangzeb was the remainder of the extraordinary leaders of Mughal line and never truly prepared a replacement after himself. This prompted the separating of the incomparable Mughal realm into a few littler states and areas each with their individual rulers. The Britishers utilized this for their potential benefit and utilizing their approach of gap and rule, caught extraordinary measures of land and in the long run dealt with the Indian Subcontinent. 

They constrained individuals to develop *****, enlisted Indians as sepoys, occupied with ***** exchanges, removed monstrous measures of riches, held onto the terrains, peeled rulers off their regulatory forces, and so on. 

During the universal wars, an enormous number of Indians sepoys kicked the bucket while battling for the Britishers. 

The Japanese concurred for a coalition with the Azad Hind Fauz set up by Subhash Chandra Bose just to topple the British in the subcontinent. It is frequently said that had they prevailing with regards to evacuating the British, the Japanese would have caught India. In any case, they later pulled back their powers. 

After, the Britishers withdrew, the Muslim group and Indian National Congress yearn for power brought about the country being part into 2 sections based on 2 countries hypothesis. A multi year old human progress being broken into pieces! 

Attack of Kashmir by Pakistan and Aksai Chin by China brought about India having regional clashes with both the countries along these lines bringing about 5 wars being battled. 4 with Pakistan in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 and 1 with China in 1962.