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What is the meaning and story behind the Starbucks logo?


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At near inspection, the Starbucks brand makes no sense. At closer inspection, it makes even much less feel, plus you risk dipping your nose in frap foam.

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There's a few female with long hair wearing a crown and protecting what seems to be "¦ large salmon? Decapitated palm timber? Miniature sand worms from Beetlejuice?

Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with the cryptic photograph. Anti-Semitic organizations have claimed that the crowned maiden is the biblical Queen Esther, proving that Starbucks is in the back of numerous Zionist plots. Others see parallels to Illuminati imagery. The actual tale is much less about evil conspiracies than prudish graphic layout.

Since Starbucks changed into named after a nautical man or woman, the unique Starbucks emblem was designed to reflect the seductive imagery of the sea. An early creative accomplice dug thru vintage marine archives till he determined an picture of a siren from a sixteenth century Nordic woodcut. She become bare-breasted, twin-tailed and truely screamed, "Buy espresso!"

In the following years, Starbucks advertising and marketing sorts decided to tastefully cowl up the mer-***** with lengthy hair, drop the suggestive spread-eagle tail and supply the 500-year-antique sea witch a younger facelift. The end result? Queen Esther at Sea World.


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