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What is the meaning of a black and white American flag?


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Black and White American flags have numerous which means and the answers you get rely totally upon who you ask.

With a few, its an economic statem,ent approximately how so many have misplaced their jobs and the economic system has modified for the worse.
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There are positive segments of the navy that use B/W flag logos due to the shade of their precise uniform.

Some would say that its to expose team spirit with the police across the u . S .. But they’d be incorrect, as its purported to have a skinny blue line down the center. Which brings me to the factor:

When there has been one or differing coloured flags that allows you to make a declaration, that changed into all and top. But now - there are such a lot of, and for so many obscure motives that you have to google it, that it leaves you dizzy.

It has completely gotten out of hand. And as sympathetic as I am to all people to who has troubles, and we all do, I for one am ready to go returned to the Ol’ Red, Whit and Blue.


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