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What is the meaning of thug life?


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It will be better to clarify the definition of thug before diving into the meaning of thug life.

What exactly does a thug refer to?

Many of you have a mindset that the word 'thug' is used as slang language. But, not exactly. It has some different meanings.

A society builds up with different kinds of people and people who belong to different sectors of work. We can not claim that a society consists of only good or legal people. We will get many people who are always against the law. They are found to be aggressive.

So can we refer to violent criminals as thuggish people? Certainly yes. Well, don't get confused with the word 'thuggish'. it is just an adjective form of the thug.

We often have heard or seen that a particular person hires an individual leading a thug life for fulfilling some criminal activities. The hired person here can be referred to as a thug. It is noticeable that these people having a thug life tend to hurt people or throwing things rather than mutualizing matters by simply talking.

Friends, thug has another meaning too that is completely different.

We often notice that individual struggles to achieve a specific goal. Or it can be said he/she was nothing or not able to contribute anything to the society or family. But after trying his/her best, became something if not everything for the family or society. These kinds of people are also referred to as thugs.

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The life they lead to become something from nothing is also referred to as thug life.

Let us go with the second definition of thug life. In that case, if you ask why people use thug life? Or you may ask, is it pride to use thug life? In short, the answer will be 'Yes.

Why not? A person trying hard day after day to gain some name and fame from a position where nobody used to identify him/her properly, has the right to feel proud of his thug life.

So for them, thug life is a word to be called with enough pride.

The term 'thug life' was not so popular before the hip hop group/culture accepted it. You want to know how? Well, the second meaning of thug life has a strong connection with the life of Tupac Shakur, a renowned rapper artist.

The Rated R, Big Syke, Macadoshis, Makur along their friend Tupac Shakur launched a group named Thug life. In 1994, they became more famous with their album: Volume 1 of Thug life. This can definitely be considered as the origin of Thug life. The word 'thug' has nothing to do with India. Its origin is from a place much far from India.

Not only in hip hop groups but almost everyone who wants to live with attitude and fashionable, seems very fond of stylish thug life memes, stickers, and so on. Those look attractive too.


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