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What is the most awkward moment that happened to you while watching TV?


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Nowadays watching TV itself is an awkward moment. Switch on the TV and go to any channel,  if it is news channel only violence and news about rape and sexual abuse is there to watch. And if we turn on movie channels, the heroins are in bikinis or in very meagre cloths showing all their body. One thing I want to clear here, I am putting my views only. It is embarrassing to see such images in front of others at home.

And don’t ask about TV serials. Their sas bahu dialogues and meaningless and mindless scenes will definitely degrade us if we see it.

But my awkward moment while watching TV was happened in my teen age.  Long back I saw Mera Naam Joker in Doordarshan. Those were the days when everyone was planning their week end with Doordarshan movies. I was watching the film along with my parents, siblings interestingly. Even some neighbours were present for the cinema. It was a very good movie. Suddenly Meenu’s ( who was projected as a boy in that movie played by Padmini) shirt torn off and Raj kapoor came to know about the truth that actually Meenu was a girl.  And if you have watched the movie, you must have known the scene and understand what I am telling. We didn’t expect the scene at all. And so didn’t know how to react. But nobody uttered any words till the film ends. After that we calmly went to kitchen and had our dinner as nothing had happened.

That was really a shock and awkward moment in my life.
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