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Shivam Khare

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What is the national game of india? why people do not give priority to hockey?


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There are many Indian games that we like to play and cheer as well. But here the question is about the national game of India.

India’s National game is a platform where sportspeople of more than one state come together but compete against each other. Yes, they fight against each other This is generally what we mean as the national game of India. But yes there is a debate regarding the national game of India. Some consider hockey as the national game of India while some are strictly against this fact. We will discuss it in detail.

Before that do you not want to know what is the history of hockey?

History is a game of ancient times. There are many forms of hockey like field hockey, ice hockey, street hockey, and many more. The word 'hockey' was initially known by the name 'hoquet'. In the 18th and 19th centuries, People of the United States and others were gifted with ice hockey, a game with ordinary sticks and balls. Many of you may not know that the modern form of ice hockey is James Creighton’s creation.

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Now let us know why hockey is not a famous game for many people.

Field hockey has somehow failed to attract the maximum attention of the media. Whereas the media has given much importance to football and cricket. The popularity and charges are also much higher than that of hockey players. Still, now, hockey is limited to rural areas. It is not even considered a national game by some people. Well, that is a variable topic that varies from person to person. This game does not have recognition at the national and international level even after winning 1 world cup and 8 Olympic golds in 1975. After this golden era, the craze for hockey went down। Because before independence and after 1947, people were crazy about b। But gradually corruption, politics, and all such things almost washed away the madness for hockey।

When we are talking about hockey, we remember the great 'Dhyan Chand'. Do you know who was Dhyan Chand? He was the winner of three gold medals at that time. So salute him for his contribution to hockey.

Here is some possible reason for the same:
1.We all know that a well-organized infrastructure is very much required for both playing and practicing games. But improper infrastructure ruined hockey forever.
2.The higher authorities or seniors on board tried their best to enable hockey to survive for long. So they arranged for the Hockey Premier League. But still, the hockey players and board members failed to build the craze for Hockey.
If you try a survey to check which game is mostly preferred, you will find cricket or football but not hockey.

And it is a fact that a sport can not live long without the support of the audience in large numbers. Yet, it is not even considered a national game nowadays. So these may be the reasons for not giving priority to hockey anymore.

But the tragedy is that field hockey has been our national game for a decade. Many people believe that cricket is one of our national Indian games. While some think that there is no national game or sport in our country. But we all have heard that all our Olympic games were formerly known as national games. And hockey was played in the olympiad many times. So it is a debatable topic.

To conclude, hockey is not a national game according to the central government. So the same decision applies to The Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.


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