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Shikha Kudesia

Content writer and teacher also | Posted 01 Aug, 2020 |

What is the New Education Policy of India 2020?

Online Vedic

Student | Posted 02 Aug, 2020

The new education policy of India is based on 5+3+3+2 For more information you can check on the education, Minister of India 

Ankit Singh

Blogger | Posted 01 Aug, 2020

Go to website of education minister of India, there you will get this

Shikha Kudesia

Content writer and teacher also | |Updated 02 Aug, 2020

After a very long time period (34 years), Indian Government introduced a new education system with a lot of changes in the old education system. NEP has improved this new education system and make sweeping reforms in schools and also in higher education including teaching.

Highlights of this new system:

  • A single regulator for a higher education institution
  • multiple entries and exit options in degree courses
  • Discontinuation entry and exit option in degree courses
  • Discontinuation in MPhil programmes
  • Low stakes board exams
  • Common entrance exams for universities

------- 5 years fundamental------

Nursery @ 4 years

Jr KG @ 5 years

Sr KG @ 10 years

Std 1st @ 7 years

Std 2nd @ 8 years

------3 years preparatory------

Std 3rd @ 9 years

Std 4th @ 10 years

Std 5th @ 11 years

--------3 years Middle------

Std 6th @ 12 years

Std 7th @ 13 years

Std 8th @ 14 years

-------4 years Secondary-------

Std 9th @ 15 years

Std SSC @ 16 years

Std FYJC @ 17 years

Std SYJC @ 18 years

  • Board exam will not be done in 10th, the board will be in 12th class only.

  • Now students up to 5th will be taught in mother language, local language and national language only. The rest of the subjects, even if they are English, will be taught as a subject.

  • Students will be able to do other courses in between. By 2035 the gross enrollment ratio will be 50 per cent in higher education. At the same time, under the new education policy, if a student wants to do another course in the middle of a course, then he can take a second course by taking a break from the first course for a limited time.
  • Same rules will be there for all government, private, deemed institutions .

Mahaveer Singh

Blogger, Business, Gifts provider in India, Cakes, Shopping | Posted 01 Aug, 2020

New Education Policy of India is base - 5+3+3+2 system