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What is the panacea for defeating the corona virus?


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 Home remedies will prove to be a panacea in beating the corona, avoid eating these things
The deadly corona virus can be defeated by yoga and pranayama. According to Yogacharyas, diseases of Vata, Pitta, Kapha increase in spring. Corona is a phlegm disease. So it is better to avoid eating cold and fried roasted things.

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According to Narendra Singh, District President of the International Naturopathy Organization, spring is considered a disease. In this season the number of microbes increases. He told that people should avoid eating fried fried and cold things.Make a decoction of Indian gooseberry, honey and ginger and drink it, it provides great benefits. 

Yogacharya   says that every disease can be defeated by yoga. In order to get out the disease from the body, it is advised to take hot water along with fried fried things. He said that due to yoga and dietary changes, the epidemic can be driven away.


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