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what is the process to apply for personal loan?


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There are two processes to apply for a personal loan 

1- Offline process

  • Visit the branch of a bank or NBFCs
  • Get the personal loan application form and Fill all the details.
  • Submit the required documents of your Income, address, identity, and age.
  • The bank or NBFC will verify your documents and will check that you are eligible for a loan or no
  • After that, the amount will be directly transferred to your bank account 

2- Online process

  • Visit the website of the Bank or NBFC.
  • In the loan column, choose a personal loan.
  • Click the ‘apply now’ option.
  • Enter your details in the application form and submit it.
  • Then the financial lender will check the eligibility and also request for the required KYC documents and income documents. 
  • If you are found eligible, Then the lender will disburse the amount of loan into your bank account.

Watch the video for more clarity

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