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What is the relevance of social networking?


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The existence of social networking sites is the evidence of the evolution of technology and the emergence of globalization. It is the need of the hour. Try imagining your life without social networking sites and you yourself would feel that you are living in a stone age. 


Here are some ways that prove that our life without social networking these days is just impossible:

1. It’s Doraemon’s Anywhere Door

Yes, because it brings everything at your doorstep. Be it food, clothes, books, or any place, you are just a one click away.

2. A Boon for Businessmen

Businesses have seen a blessing in the social networking. It is cheaper and effective way of promoting, marketing and advertising business. Not only this, it has given way to new online businesses as well.

3. A Perfect place for introverts

Social networking gives you all the reasons to ditch all the plans you have made with your friends and stay at home. Everything you need in terms of socializing –dating, chatting, making new friends, or even finding people with the similar tastes as yours, there’s a social networking site for almost everything.

4. Education outside Classroom

You just can’t deny the extent to which sites like Twitter, Quora and LetsDiskuss help you when it comes to seeking new information and being up to date with everything that’s happening globally. They are right that education is incomplete inside the four walls of the classroom. Social networking is a good step towards completing it.

5. Makes You Feel Important

Even if it’s illusionary, it is successful in increasing people’s self-esteem and making them smarter and more confident. You are an intellectual on Twitter, a celebrity of Instagram, and a cool personality on Facebook. And no matter how much less you are any of these things in your real life, you at least aspire and try to reach the bar you yourself has set on these social networking sites.


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