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Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted | others

What is the right order to watch danganronpa anime?


Student | Posted

Danganronpa anime is series which was launched by Lerche, which is based on video games. 

Don't know which order to watch the danganronpa anime in?

Here's a touch guide to assist you out. 
The "first season" of Dangan Ronpa is actually called "Dangan Ronpa: The Animation." It consists of two movies that are condensed into one, and covers the entire first game.

The second season, Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, consists of two arcs in a similar manner. Both seasons are also available on Crunchyroll , and Hulu .
The next season, Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy, consists of two arcs in a similar manner. It's available on Crunchyroll , Hulu , and Funimation .
Lastly, "Hope's Peak High School - Paradise" is an anime project that builds off the events of the second story arc in Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. It's only set to air in Japan (and presumably not worldwide). There are no plans for English release at this time.




digital marketer | Posted

In the event that you need the genuine DanganRonpa experience, you need to play the games, read the books and watch the anime. You can skirt the books (Like I did) yet I prescribe that you at any rate play DanganRonpa 1 and DanganRonpa 2 (or watch their playthroughs on Youtube).


Presently all things considered, here's the request

1. DanganRonpa Trigger Happy Havoc/DanganRonpa 1 : The primary game in the arrangement. The one with Makoto Naegi and Kirigiri.This is the place the establishment began from.You can watch the anime in the event that you'd like yet the anime(Danganronpa the arrangement) looks over numerous little subtleties that make the story unquestionably all the more intriguing.

2. DanganRonpa 2 Goodbye Despair : The second game with Hinata and Chiaki. There is no anime for this. You need to play this (or watch playthroughs) to comprehend everything that follows.

3. DanganRonpa Ultra Despair Girls : Even however this game is in the middle of DanganRonpa 1 and DanganRonpa 2, you should play this after the second game as it contains significant spoilers for DanganRonpa 2 which you'd know about when you play this game.

Presently the anime

4. Future Arc Episode 1 : Just watch the principal scene of Future Arc. You may not comprehend anything other than simply watch it.You'll likely know why.

5. Sadness Arc completely: Now watch the whole Despair curve . Basic.

6. Future Arc (Its remainder) : Now watch the remainder of things to come bend

7. Expectation Arc : Finally the Hope Arc. The last anime that has been discharged.


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