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Amos Lee

@Amos | Posted 17 Aug, 2019 |

What is the role of corporate communication?

Vinay Arora

Website Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing | |Updated 16 Sep, 2019

Well...!! In my opinion, The role of corporate communication is started from higher authority when they communicate with the employees and management in the organization. The objective of corporate communication is to share information about employee's needs, values, opinions and share business challenges while working.

To improve internal and external communication with the employees, management and with the clients, companies must adopt unified communications and collaboration solutions to enhances business productivity. It has multiple features by which businesses can lift their corporate communication system to a great extent:

  • Call Control: SMEs won't miss any call of the customer. It allows them to monitor and manage their incoming and outgoing calls. It's call data analytics report is very useful.
  • Mobility: Users have to install a business communication app on their portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops which allows them to take calls at any time from anywhere but it requires good internet speed.
  • Scalability: SMEs and startups want to expand their businesses in their respective fields. The unified communication on the cloud allows corporate to add unlimited extensions or edit and remove them.
  • Virtual Space Facility: Users can share information, store documents and help them to download files and edit them on their smart devices.

Hoping my answer gives you a brief about the role of corporate communication and how SMEs can improve their communication system with the help of a business communication app.

neha chauhan

Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission... | Posted 06 Sep, 2019

Corporate communications departments play a key role in however investors, workers and also the general public understand a corporation. They usually report on to a company’s chief officer and function advisers in managing a company’s name. they assist leaders steel oneself for media interviews, develop messages to deliver to investors and workers and recommend new initiatives to stay firms on the leading edge of communication with their stakeholders.
Image: corporate communication
There are various functions which are responsible for the corporate communication
• In most organizations, the communications department is to blame for overseeing a good vary of communications activities. one in all the only ways that of understanding these completely different activities is to cluster them per the role that they play inside a company, as below.
1. Media and PR
This refers to the means within which a corporation or organization communicates with the final public, together with the media, by:
*Organizing news conferences, product launches, and interviews, and making materials (banners, flyers, etc.) for such events
*Writing and distributing press releases to the media to garner coverage
*Monitoring the news for mentions of the organization, its product, and key staff like stakeholders and members of management
*Devising an idea to handle unfavorable press coverage or info
2. Crisis Communication
*Crisis communication refers to the particular electronic communication that a corporation (or individual) portrays within the face of a crisis or out of the blue event that has the potential to wreck their name or existence. within the event of such a crisis, it's the responsibility of the communications department to form a method to handle it (often finished the help of outdoor experts) which can include:
*Organizing interviews and news briefings for company representatives to debate the problem at hand.
*Advising company representatives on what to mention and the way to mention it once speaking with members of the media.
3. Internal Communications
In addition to being liable for human activity the organization’s message with external audiences, most communications groups can play a minimum of some role in internal communications, including:
Drafting emails and memos saying company news and initiatives
Compiling worker resources (such as data regarding worker benefits)
Creating written materials, like worker handbooks or flyers
4.Customer Communications and selling
Though most businesses still differentiate between their selling and communication departments, the lines between the 2 have begun to blur in recent years. company communication strategy usually impacts selling strategy, and the other way around, that has multiplied cooperation and collaboration between the 2 functions.
It is not uncommon, therefore, for members of the communication department to assist generate numerous selling materials and general client communications, including:
*Marketing emails