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Mohd Osman

Student | Posted 16 Sep, 2019 |

What is the scope of digital marketing in india?

Amit Rai

Digital Marketing Manager | |Updated 01 Dec, 2020

In the era of technology and marketing Digital marketing plays a significant role. India is considered one of the fastest-growing nations around the world. The implementation of Digital Marketing grows rapidly in all kinds of businesses whether it is small to larger ones. As per the data and analysis, the growth in Digital marketing will continue in the coming year onwards. The scope of Digital Marketing in India is on its high and will remain in the coming years as well. If you own a business having a marketing channel with digitization is a must.

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Student | Posted 01 Oct, 2019

The scope for a Digital Marketing professional is very in India right now. A fresh employe can easily obtain a Digital Marketing Analyst role with a salary close to 10K per month to 6 Lacs per annum, while experienced professionals can command remunerations in the range of 8 lakhs  20 lakhs per annum.

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https://goldenegypttours.net | Posted 16 Sep, 2019

The scope of digital marketing in India is immense at the moment.