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Anishur Khan

Blogger | Posted 25 Dec, 2018 |

What is The SEO strategy for B2B business

zoiro brand

sales & Marketing | Posted 11 Dec, 2019

The head of PR  Off Page Submission important techniques way of use

Directory submission

Business listing

Press release submission

Search engine submission

Article submission

Blog submission

Forum submission

Video marketing

Content submission


Posted 11 Dec, 2019

B2B SEO needs to reach multiple decision makers That means that a B2B company will need to have pages optimized for B2B Seo Strategy.

@ | |Updated 31 Dec, 2018

AI will Change the Way of Your Keyword Research

The underlying mechanisms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in terms of keyword research will need to be understood by the SEO team. As per some experts, this way of searching will require 5-10 years to be followed. So, it is better to inform your SEO team about this enhancing AI industry, to be prepared for its impact on SEO. While performing SERPS, your SEO team will need to consider users’ hobbies, interests, location, gender and search history.

The head of PR at the famous marketing application SEMrush, Jana Garanko says that AI will change the way of users’ keyword research and the rankings will highly depend on the private demographic data.