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What is the significance of Makar Sankranti in different parts of India?


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The diversity that India has, accounts for the different and vibrant festivals celebrated in it. One such festival is Makar Sankranti, which falls on 14th January, every year.

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This festival is special because it is celebrated in more than one way, all over the country.

Mainly, Makar Sankranti is for giving charity and preparing different kinds of sweets at the home.

Sesame seeds have their importance during Makar Sankranti, as they are used not only for making sweets, but also for mixing in bathing water. Sesame seeds are also used for worship on this day.

Given below are the ways in which various states indulge in the festivities of Makar Sankranti.

Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, this day is known for the charitable deeds that take place on this day. It is believed that from this day, good days begin on our planet. It is auspicious to donate something on the day of Makar Sankranti. On the shores of river Ganga, there is organized a fair, and the festival is famous by the name of Khichdi in the whole state. The sky can be seen full of kites at the day of Makar Sankranti.


In Punjab, Makar Sankranti is celebrated one day before the 14th of January, by the name of Lohri. Fire is worshipped on this day. There is a big bonfire, to which people offer corn, peanuts, rice, jaggery, etc. The festival is believed to be very auspicious for newly-wed brides and children.


A fair is organized every year at Gangasagar on this festival. Sesame seeds are donated in Bengal on this day. People here believe that Yashoda used to observe a fast on this day for Lord Krishna. Ganga was brought on earth on this auspicious day only. Gangasagar remains crowded on this day.


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Pongal in Tamil Nadu is also one way of celebrating Makar Sankaranti. It is 3 day harvest festival celebrated to show gratitude to our mother nature and cattle with the help of whom the cultivation was possible. First day of Pongal is Bhogiwhich is celebrated like Holi of North India. Older things are set on fire on that day. On Pongal or Sankranti day people make Pongal/Sweet Kichdi in a new mud pot and offer this to surya Bhagwan. Next day after pongal Tamilians worship cattle. They decorate cows , bulls and carts.


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