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what is the source of earning for sites like olx and quikr ?


digital marketer | Posted

OLX or Quikr does no longer rate anything from us for posting advertisements, then how they earn money?

Well, though they do no longer price something from us, there are many different ways to earn sales.

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1. AdSense Ads / Google Ads:

OLX, Quikr or every other eCommerce websites get big site visitors flows each day and tens of millions of particular traffic every month. So showing AdSense commercials on every web page offers a decent amount of money.

2. Sponsored Ads / Banners:

Beside AdSense ads, Quikr or OLX sells its website area to numerous establishments to display their advertisements or banners, much like AdSense commercials. Difference from AdSense is that backed ads are absolutely controlled by means of those eCommerce sites, there may be no revenue proportion with third events.

3. Premium Ads:

If you want your products or services to make more seen or reach out greater viewers to sell it faster, then top class advert is a superb alternative. Quikr gives form of top rate ads – Top Of Page and Urgent. A ‘Top Of Page’ advert charges you more than ‘Urgent’ as Quikr shows this kind of commercials at the top of each ad class highlighted in blue. It allows to get more visibility than Urgent commercials. Urgent commercials are indicated with the aid of a inexperienced megastar earlier than ad identify. To display premium commercials, Quikr costs you relying upon product class, form of premium commercials.


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