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Sumil Yadav

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What is the use of Google Arts & Culture app?

@letsuser | Posted

It’s really just a fun app from Google, which, in my opinion, isn’t so much to be hyped about. The craze would just be like that of Prisma’s, a picture editing app that went viral last year, but eventually faded in the crowd of such applications.

Indeed Google Arts and Culture app has a USP, unlike others. The basic concept is interesting. It helps you compare your selfie with paintings from centuries’ past, helping you find your doppelganger in fine art history. So have you been wondering if you look like Mona Lisa or other historic figures, this app is a great choice to home in your phone.

However, for now, the official app is only available to people in USA. You can still use it through backend channels.

At the end of day, it’s another interesting app from Google. Sadly, people will eventually get bored of it after using it for a week or two. Because it isn’t a traditional image editing app! It’s a one-of-a-kind concept that people will stop liking over the course.

And also, to your question, it fills no purpose. It’s a fun app!


System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted

Letsdiskuss You may have noticed that social media feeds have been filled with selfies next to famous artworks these days, SO for that we will have to thank Google for that.This Google app is now top of the iOS and Android download charts and thanks to its viral selfies. The app offers people a catalogue of articles and features on artists and art history.It also lets you explore art by different styles, time periods and colours. Google Arts and Culture app was launched long back in 2016, and it served as a way to learn about places and events that shaped and formed the world as we know it. It also has collections from the most famous museums. In the latest update of the app, a new face-matching feature has been added.The feature is currently limited to the United States. Google Arts and Culture app has been designed as a collection of different artworks, and it’s not just dedicated to the face match feature. So, you have to scroll down on the home screen until you see “Is your portrait in a museum” section. Now click on Get Started.
  • Take a picture
  • After you click the picture, the app analyses your face, and you can see coloured lines over the black and white image.
  • After matching is complete, which takes 1-2 seconds, the app shows different paintings that it assumes resemble you.
Go Ahead, Give google arts and culture app a try.


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