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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | Sports

What is Tui catch a million?


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Basically, it is a contest that has been running by Tui brewery for a long time and this summer is again coming back to the cricket field. The contest says that you can have a chance to win over a million. All you need to do that is get your Tui Catch a Million shirt from the website www.catchamillion.co.nzand head along to any of the BlackCaps T20 or ODI games this summer.

This year there will be 23 games and the lucky ones will have a chance to win a million. According to rules, the person has to catch the ball with one hand and there will be only one catch per game. Recently,Mitchell Grimstone, a 20-year-old cricket enthusiast was awarded 23 lakh after he caught a six that was hit by batsman Ross Taylor, with one hand during Australia-New Zealand T-20 international.

He took a breathtaking catch over the advertising boards and maintained his balance while catching the ball with his left hand. He was awarded 23 lakh under the Tui Catch-A-Million competition.