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Priya Gupta

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What is wrong if a women pays for the date?


Entrepreneur | Posted on


Now this is coming from the person who never went for date :) but I would always expect men to pay for the date. Yah an its old school of thoughts .... Its not about equality here , its about chivalry , about being respectful of a woman's time, about being and acknowledging her company.

I still believe in 2018 or even after a decade, a man who expects a woman to pay for a date wouldn't earn a single brownie!! The moment she would reach home, she would yell and announce to the world that what useless fellow she dated!!

Of course there are some exceptions. There are few women who would pay and not create a fuss about it but most women wouldn't accept it. They would pay but not like it.


@letsuser | Posted on

In 2018, NOTHING!!!! In fact, the cost of the date should be split between both the parties—if not entirely paid by women. Sadly, there are few reasons why this won’t be happening anytime soon because, among other reasons, we’re very accustomed with men taking this initiative. So much so that we unconsciously expect men to pay on dates!

Back in the days, it is men who would earn money. Women hardly did. So the burden of bearing the cost of dates or any outing for that matter fell on the shoulder of men. This tradition is still continuing even till this day.

It should definitely change, given many women have well-paid job and they are earning decent money these days.

Again, this won’t happen anytime soon, even with numbers of progressive women rising.

Many women never take initiative to pay on dates. They exploit and take advantage of the old tradition that’s no more relevant. (Not exactly a gold-digger, but few can easily qualify for this category!)

Another factor is the men’s chivalrousness. It is believed that men who don’t pay for dates, or let women pay, aren’t polite. (Yes, it’s that ridiculous!)