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Priya Gupta

Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted | Entertainment

What is your favorite emotional scene in Avengers: Infinity war?


Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted

For me the most emotional scene is Spiderman’s death when he says, I don’t want to die and suddenly disappears.


Media specialist | Posted

People these days are rushing to theaters ,and "Avengers: Infinity War" is all set for the major sales record. Movie is undoubtedly absolutely stunning and If we look to the best scenes from the movie, which has brought tears to our eyes is, when after learning where Thanos would be headed next, the Guardians of the Galaxy made a trip to Nowhere in an attempt to stop the Mad Titan from acquiring the Reality Stone.

When they get there, they witness Thanos shaking down the Collector for the stone. Gamora ends up cutting Thanos’ throat and crying as he bleeds out and dies on the floor. Even Peter Quill had to shockingly note that Thanos’ apparent death came pretty quick.

Also, when Loki tries to pull one last trick. In one of the sadder scenes in the movie, Thor is made to watch while Thanos chokes the life out of Loki and breaks his neck. No resurrections this time. It’s an appropriate end for the god of mischief, having finally come full circle in his character development. And having his death come so early in the movie serves to establish Thanos as both extremely powerful and very dangerous. Avengers:Infinity war has become my one of the favourite movies.



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