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Lina Carner

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What is your review of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)?


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Politics have no relations to morals. And democracy gives us freedom only to vote the party or person whom we hate less. So all the party and all the politicians are same only. The level of corruption and capability only differentiate one another. Whether it is Congress or BJP or any other regional parties there will be a difference of unnis bees only.

In 2014 due to punchbooth scams of UPA government led by Mr. Manmohan Singh Indian voters turned them down and supported BJP. BJP got landslide victory in that election. But as of today after the assembly elections of some states it is visible that people of India are not that much supporting BJP as in 2014. Let us discuss the for and against points of 5 years of BJP government.

Pluses of BJP -

1. Narendra Modiji. He is the star candidate and hard working non-corrupt PM of India. He is also crowd pulling orator and regarded as the asset BJP has.

2. Swacha Bharat abyan – Clean India is a really successful movement initiated by Modiji. You can see the difference of cleanliness and neatness in platforms and railway coaches in 5 years.

3. Best diplomatic relations with other countries. After his sworn in as Prime Minister of India our relations with other countries have improved.

3. Internal stability – After 2014 the terrorist attacks in India is nil.

4. So many good schemes for poor people were launched in BJP regime like Jan Dhan account, Pradhan mantri Awas yojana etc.

5. We may differ with the way it was implemented but GST is a good move in bringing uniformity in taxation.

Minuses of BJP -

1. Demonetisation -  May be PM’s intention was good but people could not forget their miserable and unhelpful situation during the time of demonetisation.

2. Uncontrollable incidences of mob lynching and violence in the name of cow and Hindutva. Government may not involve in this activities but it failed to control its party workers.

3. Corruption – Corruption is not curbed and it is there in BJP rule as well.

4. Bank frauds – So many big fishes like Vijay Malya left India after doing fraudulent activities in BJP regime only.

5. Confusions of AADHAR – Due to Aadhaar card and its linkings with their accounts people suffered a lot.

6. Inflation – Petrol and LPG cylinders cost is sky rocketing. Common people feel the pinches of increasing inflation rate.

So in my view BJP may be better than congress in administration and policies. But it is not as good as it was predicted in 2014.
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