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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What items are selling most and least this festive season 2018?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Sales were expected to touch new all-time highs this festive season 2018. And while we’re only past Durga Puja and yet to welcome Diwali, experts believe that the e-commerce in India has smashed all records already. Well, of course, it was mostly Amazon and Flipkart who battled it out like India vs. Pakistan cricket match. Who’s who, you decide! Because no official data has been released so it’s hard to identify who won (or is winning) in e-commerce in India this festive season 2018. (Snapdeal’s missed big time!!!)


As for which items are selling the most, it definitely has to be the smartphones. There are countless offers going on for Smartphones—big discounts, bank offers, flexible EMIs, incredible exchange offers. So, yes, much like the last year, Smartphones are stealing away all the attention in e-commerce in India. But surprisingly, unlike previous years, it isn’t the usual Apples, Samsungs and Xiaomis. This festive season 2018, OnePlus has likely taken away all the spotlight. Realme and Honor seem to be doing equally fine.

Aside from Smartphones, home appliances and electronics seem to be selling big if you observe the intensity with which Amazon and Flipkart are highlighting them. Air Conditioners tout big price cuts. Refrigerators of top companies like Haier, Bosch, Samsung, and LG are everywhere. There are also big discounts on televisions.

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For whatever reasons, laptops took a backseat this festive season. There weren’t any new offers; I didn’t see one at least. Similarly, the e-commerce platforms weren’t very keen to promote apparels and accessories. Yes, there were many offers but they were same-old, same-old. Very less new collection and better offers than what we usually expect.

Offline, gold did well per usual. Cars, for some rather bizarre reason, sold more this festive season. (Bizarre because with congestion so high and air pollution rising to new highs, you would think people would refrain from purchasing cars.)

It’s likely once we’re past Diwali and the battle between Amazon and Flipkart pauses until Christmas, we will get official numbers. But certainly, e-commerce in India broke all the possible records this festive season 2018.


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