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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What made ripple give better returns than Bitcoin?


The history of currency has seen gold coins, silver coins, and other metal coins and currency notes. But now there is another currency called altcoin (Alternative coin) or crypto currency is evolved.
A crypto currency like bit coin, ethereum, litcoins, ripple is a peer to peer electronic cash system or virtual currency, which is decentralized to prevent double spending. It is a digital form of currency, designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography for financial transactions and creation of new digital currency. 

Bitcoin was the first to get attention from the world. It was a byproduct of another invention by Satoshi Nikamoto in the year 2009. After that so many crypto currencies were emerged in the market. Ripple is also one of them. 

If you go and visit this site https://athda.com/ you can find the crypto currencies' current rate and all time high and new expected high rate. 6 months ago Bitcoin was $20,089 and today it is $ 6724, and expected a new high of 13,364 at 198.76% increase. 
On the other hand Ripple was $3.84 6 months back and current price is $ 0.54. It is expected to rise to 3.30 at 615.4% increase.  

Both the digital currencies are more or less same only. If the demand for crypto currencies is in increasing mood than both the currencies will have upward trend only. But the percentage of returns is more in Ripple than bitcoin. Furthermore Ripple is backed by SBI holdings, a financial company based in Japan. According to SBI holdings' chairman Ripple is cheaper, faster and flexible than any other digital currencies. And Ripple will become topper in global virtual currencies.