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Sara Jaiswal

@letsuser | Posted on | Entertainment

What made the nurses accuse Stan Lee of ***** harassment?


Avid Reader | Posted on

Stan Lee, the 95-year-old comic book legend who co-created Spider Man, the X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and other characters is accused of ***** abuse by nurses caring for him in his Hollywood Hills home. According to reports Lee is accused of groping the home-care nurses, requesting ***** favors and walking ***** around the house in the presence of the nurses. The unnamed company, who employed the nurses, charged Lee $1000 per day to receive in-home nursing care at all hours.


According to a Daily mail report, the owner had spoken to Lee about the various complaints they were receiving. However, Lee’s lawyer stated that Lee denied the accusations calling them false, despicable and a part of a “shakedown”. The company that deals with high end clients on a regular basis, is now in a legal dispute with Stan Lee. But as of now no police complaints have been made and no lawsuits filed.



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