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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted | News-Current-Topics

What one advice would Sherlock give to PM Narendra Modi?

Entrepreneur | Posted


Foremost, that’s an awfully interesting question!

Well, obviously, the advice from Sherlock to PM Modi would not necessarily be “what he should do”. Rather, it would be “who to be”.

I think it would be something like stop being politically correct all the time – stop having two faces on different topics and with different people. If he thinks something is wrong, he should voice that without worrying about the repercussion.  He should be honest and diplomatic with the followers, party members, opposition and countrymen.

(Generally, he would give advices to Modi that would be too tough to follow for him—because he’s a, well, “politician”!)

We all know that Sherlock is as blunt and unapologetic in his beliefs as ever. He is brutally honest in his views and opinions. He has all the talents in the world but he when it comes to his distinct personality, he’s not humble. He holds his opinions above everyone’s. And most importantly, HE DOESN’T SPEAK JUST FOR THE SAKE OF SPEAKING; he means what he says.

So yeah, just reflecting his own personality, he would advice PM Modi on “who to be”.

P.S. Sorry, you asked for “one”, I gave many!


I would encourage Narendra Modi to restrict these MPs, pastors and his famous gathering individuals from giving such minimization articulations in broad daylight. I don't have a clue where is our nation heading towards when we have such wiped out disapproved of pioneers and a lot of individuals who will dazzle foldly bolster these wiped out articulations. Regardless of how proficient one is, atleast one ought to be taught enough to be a reasonable audience and restrict such proclamations, regardless of which political philosophy you support.


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