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What percentage of job in India is reserved?


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Do you want to know about the percentage of reservations in central and state-level jobs? Let us first discuss the reservation percentage of central government jobs.

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Are you expecting to get direct recruitment to the post of civil services by open competition? Well, direct recruitment is also made in ways other than the open competition. The rules and procedures are undoubtedly different in these two different ways of central government job recruitment.

1.Appointment for the central government jobs based on open competition

The term 'open competition' makes it clear that the recruitment or allotment of jobs in this case is not based on interviews alone. If a staff selection commission or other appointing authority is responsible, written tests are conducted before the interviews.

But it is not consistent with the Union Public Service Commission. They may conduct only interviews or written examinations or it can be a combination of both.

2.Appointment for the central government jobs on the basis other than open competition

The recruitment that is made other than by written test or interview made by UPSC or other authorities, falls under this category.

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The reservation percentage for recruitment to civil posts by open recruitment basis:

Schedule castes: 15%
Schedule tribes: 7.5%
Other backward classes: 27%

The reservation percentage for recruitment to civil posts on any basis other than the open competition basis:

Schedule castes: 16.66%
Schedule tribes: 7.5%
Other backward classes: 25.84%

For the economically weaker section, the government has reserved 10% for admission in educational institutions, recruitment to government, and civil posts.

The state is not ready to reserve jobs for any caste either.


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