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What problems do elderly face while using technologies?


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When Instagram entered the mainstream, many top models and celebrities decided not to use it because they didn’t fully understand the platform and its needs – because they believed that Twitter and Facebook were enough for them. (They all did eventually get on Instagram!)

When Twitch came, many gamers didn’t much care about the platform – because the platform was new and inconvenient to their comfort level.

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Heck, when computer and even internet came, so many people believed that they are just fad – because, in reality, computer and internet interrupted their lifestyle comfort.

The same is the reason – the biggest reason perhaps – why senior people face problems while using technology. They are reluctant. They don’t want technology to disrupt their comfort level. They don’t think they are going to need this technology.

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Yes, senior people do have physical and psychological limitations when it comes to learning something new. Many can’t see properly. Many old people can’t coordinate hand and eyes. Many of them can’t remember.

But I believe these reasons are only secondary. I mean, we do have a significant population of old people who are extremely good in using technologies, even putting the young bunch to shame.

Why other senior citizens can’t learn using technologies – why they face problems in the learning phase – is because they don’t want to learn. They are reluctant to learn it. Deep inside, most of them don’t care about using technology. And this usually fosters into lack of enthusiasm, which hinders their learning process.

(During your school days, you learned your favorite subject quicker vs. the subjects you hated. Because you were much more enthusiastic about it, which sped your learning process! This same applies to old people in context to their capability to learn using technologies.)

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Aside from this fundamental reason, there are many secondary problems seniors face while using technology. It includes:

· Bad memory

· Poor sight

· Too many options that make them feel overwhelmed

· No one to teach them

· Lack of energy to continue using the technology

Hope this answers your question.