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Sumil Yadav

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What reasons made 65000 bookings of new Swift in just one month?


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Since the launch of all new 2018 Swift hatchback from Maruti Suzuki it has become talk of the town and the car has managed to bag whopping 65,000 bookings across India in under a month. The all new swift is turning heads wherever it goes and it is a hit beyond any doubt like two other previous generations of the hatchback. Below are the main reasons why is everyone booking the new Swift:

1. Brand name.

Maruti Suzuki is one of the popular brands among Indians and the Swift has been hugely successful in India, since its first generation right from 2005. This success has passed onto the 3rd-gen model, too. That is why people already know that the new Swift will also be a dependable and a reliable car.

2. Automatic Transmission.

Traffic in India is a major and keeping this is mind, Maruti Suzuki has launched two automatic transmission models both in petrol and diesel variants that give riders more mileage. The city car buyer in India can now save more in traffic and no other rival company has hatchback in the segment the Swift rules.

3. Pricing.

Maruti is offering a lot of features in new Swift such as sharp cut alloy wheels, airbags, and dual tone interiors with ABS standard with the value for money that is catching more buyers for them and also, there are a lot of accessories have added to lower variants, making them a good option in the given price range.

4. New Features.

Maruti has loaded the new Swift with plenty of new features. From keyless entry and a push button start to automatic climate control and the SmartPlay touchscreen system, the new Swift has got all latest features.

5. Solid improved.

The new Swift is lesser in weight as compared to the previous models and Maruti has improved mileage and acceleration, made the new car safer with high tensile steel and better safety levels and the car has more space than ever before. Such improvements over the previous generation models makes the new Swift a good buy for everyone.