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Stephanie Wight

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What-s the best way to redecorate a bathroom?


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Letsdiskuss  The best ways to redecorate a bathroom is :-

1. As bathroom is a place where one goes to clean oneself so , It should tidy and soothing every time.

2. The selection of wall paintings can be done accordingly to enhance the ambiance of the bathroom. Adding vibrant colors may cheer your mood or adding pastel colors can give you soothing mood.

3. You can add some flowers to the corner shelves along with scented candles, which helps to make the ambiance peaceful and work as stress busters too.

4. Further you can change the curtains and add some new styles of curtains having any painting or any thing you want.

5. You can change the soap stands and add some posters to the wall or can customize tile.

6. You can change the accessories like shower, tap and handles to redecorate the bathroom.

Nowadays you can customize or design your bathroom interior according to your wish. But if you do it yourself try to keep it simple and tidy.


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