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Sara Jaiswal

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

What’s the next big innovation Apple can bring in its upcoming iPhone models?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

the upcoming models, don’t expect much of innovation and new features in the iPhones. Expect Apple bring minor changes in its specifications and making improvements in its features. However, in the next 5-7 years we can see something big from the company.

Like, for example, only recently did Apple filed patent (named “content creation using electronic input device on non-electronic surfaces”) for a stylus that can write in mid-air. Now that is something exceptional and innovative. This stylus, that’s still in the development phase, is rumored to write on any flat surface and air. While how it will function is till speculative, many believe that an external sensor would track the movement of the stylus, which would then display the diagram drawn on the surface or air, on the monitor.

This stylus can totally change the way how we see and work with iPads, which then could majorly impact the business world on various fronts—be in presentations, designing prototypes and more.

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This stylus could be to Apple what the hype of foldable Smartphone is to Samsung. Of course there’s no comparison to foldable handheld device. But still, Apple could make a big impact with its cutting-edge patented stylus.