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Vikas joshi

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What’s your idea of a romantic and perfect vacation?


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Do you and your significant other dream about taking a weekend away from the city lights and endless days of work to get together at a secluded beach resort? Or maybe you’re in love with tropical, warm weather that makes the blue sky seem close enough to touch. Maybe it helps if you could take some time out of your busy schedule just to relax, reflect, or get back into nature. Whatever your idea of a perfect vacation may be, we offer exactly what you need for an exotic adventure in paradise. For our special readers only!


Here are some of your options:

1. The best island destination in the world, Bora Bora.
The perfect location for a romantic getaway. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a reef full of fish and coral that at times can feel like your own private paradise. All you need is some romance to make it even better. Spend the day relaxing on your own and then when night falls, take a romantic stroll along the palm-lined beaches to find that special someone. What more could you need? A tropical cocktail may be in order.

2. You could also relax in the city of love with Paris!
In Paris, your vacation will feel like a dream come true. Start with a croissant and some café au laits on the banks of the Seine River, under the Eiffel Tower. Make sure to stop for a stroll through the Jardin du Tuileries Park. Be sure to stop by the Louvre and immerse yourself in some of the world’s best art. Afterward, you can wander along one of many small shops to find some time with your that special souvenir. Finish off your romantic evening by visiting Le Lido.

3. Surprisingly, foreign countries are tremendously amazing to visit with your loved ones. But how about visiting the hills and mountains of India. The blue waves of beaches in Goa. The beauty of South India which not only attracts the citizens but also numerous people from the globe.


Trip Adviser | Posted on

France is romantic and perfect vacation place. France has so much more to it than just the Eiffel Tower and Paris. The south of France is especially opulent, not to mention Marseille and Nice make for the perfect photo opportunity.