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What-s your most unforgettable travel experience?


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A travel experience that I would never forget in my life is the one I made to Shimla with my college friends. The most awesome part of the trip was the travelling. We went by road which gave us enough time to stop at various places and pass as much time as possible with each other.

A trip with family is nothing as compared to a trip which is made with friends. It has a different thrill and excitement. The thrill of being with friends all day long and not having to say them goodbye at the end of the day is really amazing. It’s the company and not the place where you are travelling to which gives you more happiness. My trip to Shimla was just like that.

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So after all the parathas and lassis on the plains and maggis on the hills, we finally reached Shimla, in our hotel, Oberoi Cecil. It was exciting to choose who will share a room with whom, and when it was settled, we knew that most of the time we are gonna end up in one of all the booked rooms only.

We paid a visit to all the important and must-visit spots –the famous church, the mall road, the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, and the bird park near it.

Apart from this, we stayed out late at night, watching the stars fading in the fog and experiencing the chilled weather together. I was the one who used to wake everyone up early morning for a walk, and it was as wonderful as our late night rendezvous.

We also visited the old house of Rudyard Kipling which was just next to our hotel. We thought it to be abandoned and empty but there were tenants living there.

All in all, the trip was as amazing as it could be. We all were reluctant to come back and have an extra day in Shimla. The return road trip was comparatively dull, but the whole travel experience gave us memories worth cherishing for a lifetime.