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Dharm Dass

Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What-s Your Take On The Judgement Of The Pakistan Panchayat, Rape Against Rape ?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

This answer may hurt a lot of people across the border but after reading such news, I do only come to the conclusion that people across the border are out of their mind?, a heinous crime has already been committed and instead of passing the sensible judgement, our next door neighbors made the mockery of victim and her family.

This strange judgement of the Pakistan Panchayat came after a 12-year-old girl got raped in the village of Jirga, near Multan, in Pakistan. To punish the rapist, the village panchayat passed the orders to rape the 16-year-old sister of rapist.

What they mean is if a girl gets raped and in order to pacify her, let other girls also get raped? This verdict of the Pakistan Panchayat is nothing less than sheer stupidity and will incite many others to commit crimes. They are literally saying that, "we can not curb such crimes, but we can pass the judgement that gives birth to other crimes''.

Passing such verdicts, "a rape against a rape" shows the mindset of people. It sows that in which society they are living. A society that has been still under the rock and needs to come out of their shell, well such cases are not new in Pakistan and in the past we have witnessed such bizarre cases. We can only wish that Pakistan government condemn such cases and victims of such society get well soon.