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manish singh

phd student Allahabad university | Posted | others

What should every Indian know about Bihar?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

There are such a large number of things which need to think about Bihar.
1. It's magnificent history:-

a)we Indian regularly pleased with we have given the zero and Pai and it's work of Bihari
B) we Indian are glad for popular government it was acquainted by Bihar with the world
C) we Indian are glad for our social variety , Bihar is origination of Budhhism Sikhism and Jainism from Gautam budhha to Mahavir Jain and Guru Govind Singh
D) we are glad about the Sanskrit as mother language of all and furthermore as most developed language , it was panini from Bihar who ordered the Sanskrit punctuation first
E) we are glad for India as brilliant flying creature in past, it was essential for Bihar where Indias brilliant period developed (Gupta dinesty)
F) we are glad for we had the first and most exceptional top notch college, it was Nalanda and vikramshila in Bihar
G) we are glad for our epic , it was Bihar where its greater part got the structure
H) Bihar it's biggest maker of litchi and have a more noteworthy lump in agriculture
I) patliputra(patna)was capital of India a larger number of years than some other city
J) Bihar is home to the absolute best workmanship like Madhubani painting , kalamkari and it's dirt is prolific for artician expert and so forth
2. We regularly scrutinize Bihar as generally degenerate and crimeful state, however stand by as indicated by authentic information of National wrongdoing department it remained at 22nd situation out of 29 states notwithstanding having third most crowded state and as per research by a presumed global NGO Bihar was least degenerate state in 2011 and2and 2012
3. Bihari secure more spot in IIT NIT than any other individual, and same valid for Civil administrations and performing extraordinary in every single compitative test
4) Bihar is developing twice quicker than public normal for most recent long term
5) we ridicule bihari for their English, it was Bihari(Mohemad ) who first compose an English epic in Quite a while
6) Bihar needed because of numerous reasons like characteristic catastrophes (flood each year made rancher defenseless), absence of portrayal at public level, castism, favoritism of Indian government like mid 60s approaches of government which financed the organization who ready to move there industry to other part which came about organizations moved to costal region like Gujarat and Maharashtra and misuse by the proprietor all through the India where they work got less wedges than administrative standard
7) Bihar helped the development of India by its human asset which is shockingly unrecognized by the individuals since they were manual laborer and work on every day wage
8) Patna science school was among top since school of India till 1980s
9) the best language, you probably giggled at many time on their consent and considerate language
10) Being a Bihari I don't care to listen "You are the best bihari I ever met" (I heard this frequently) and each time it put a stress the manner in which individuals thoroughly consider Bihar since this remark basically portray you have impractical notion about Bihar


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