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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | Science-Technology

What should I keep in mind while buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner for my home?


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

Technology is here to make the things a lot easier for us, only if we know how to employ them (and buy them) properly. One of the most useful technological device that one should own is a Robot Vacuum cleaner.


(Courtesy: The Independent)

The device, which cleans your home, be it carpeted or covered with ceramic flooring, autonomously and without a human control is a must have at least for those who are always busy with their work.
The utility of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner has increased its demand among the consumers, and consequently, there are many options they can get in the market. But the biggest question is how to choose the best for your home?

You may keep the following things in mind while buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner for your home, and you are sorted.

• The first thing that should be kept in mind is the budget. A good robotic cleaner may cost you around Rs 25,000/-. So you need to check if your pocket allows you to buy one or not.

• Once you are sorted out with the budget, the next thing to check for is the battery life. Most of the cleaners take three hours to get charged after every one hour of cleaning. So having a durable battery life is an essential if you don’t want your cleaner to do just some percent of the work for you.
• If you can afford an expensive one, buy a vacuum cleaner which comes with scheduling feature. But in case you are low on budget, you can do with buying the one which doesn’t have such a feature. What scheduling feature does is get your cleaning scheduled for an entire week. You don’t even have to be around.

• On price also depends whether your robotic cleaner can navigate around your house or not. If you have got one which cannot, you will have to place the cleaner manually to make it work.

• One more thing that should be kept in mind is the size of your Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This depends on the space of your home. If there are too many corners to clean, you may not want to go for a bulky vacuum cleaner.

• Be aware of the advanced tools that should come with the cleaner. Not just suction, but the waste lodger, cleaning brushes, and advanced filters like HEPA filters should be there, to make the cleaning more effective.