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Riddhima Saha

student | Posted on | Entertainment

What should I know if I am going to the airport for the first time?


Blogger | Posted on

If you are someone who is going to the airport for the first time, you should consider the below checklist for sure:

1) Reach before time, at least 2 hrs prior boarding (factor in traffic too)

2) Fill in your tummy because airport meal rates might burn a hole in your pocket

3) If your are travelling domestically follow this = Checkin--> Boarding

4) If your are travelling internationally follow this = Checkin--> Immigration--> Boarding

5) Do not keep any liquid more than 50ml in your handbag, also avoid objects like scissors, lighters and blades (You can keep such things in your luggage bags)

6) Dress up in the most comfortable way, especially for the long flights. For females, I highly recommend to avoid high heels and switch to comfortable shoes or sneakers.

7) You can web check-in to get the seat of your choice (in selected flights only), else wait untill you reach the airport but that doesn't promise you the window seat or the seat of your choice.

8) Last but not the least, carry all the necessary credentials.


@student | Posted on

Airports can seem like a scary place for the first time simply because of the huge areas, strict environment with so many rules and all the horrifying stories people tell. However there is not much to worry about. There are only a few things to be taken care of and you are good to go.

1. Make sure that you carry your tickets and passports. Try carrying the hard copy of your ticket if you have not booked them yourself.

2. Before leaving for the airport check the terminal from which you have o board your flight.

3. Try to reach the airport at least one and a half hour early. Since it is your first time there will be a lot of looking around. The offline check-in generally closes 40 minute before departure time and you can find long queues at the airports. It's advisable to be before time in order to avoid rush and panic.

4. Ensure that your handbag (or the bag you want to take with you in the cabin) should not weigh more than 7 kg as that is the limit by most of the airlines.

5. Ensure not to wear a lot of metallic accessories as it may cause a lot of problem in the security checking.

6. Carry hard candies with you as some first timers feel a little ache in their ears during the takeoff and landing. ***** on these candies help in preventing them.

These are mostly the things to be taken care of before your flight. Have a safe journey.