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What should you do if you suspect you have COVID-19?


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In the event that you are debilitated with COVID-19 or figure you may have COVID-19; remain at home and separate yourself from others in the home however much as could be expected. This is known as home confinement.

*Most individuals will create mellow to direct side effects, for example, fever and hack, that will show signs of improvement without clinical assistance. By remaining at home, you lessen the opportunity of spreading COVID-19 to other people, including social insurance laborers who are expected to think about the more genuinely sick. In the event that you require clinical consideration, call ahead.

*Avoid utilizing open transportation, ride-sharing, or cabs. Stay away from every single open zone.

*Self-detach for in any event 3 entire days after you no longer have a fever (without the utilization of fever-diminishing meds) AND different side effects are incredibly improved (for instance, when your hack or brevity of breath have improved), AND in any event 7 days have gone since indications originally began.

Separate yourself from others and creatures in your home.

*Stay away from others. However much as could reasonably be expected, separate yourself from others in your home. Remain in a particular "wiped out room". Utilize a different restroom, if accessible.

*Restrict contact with pets and different creatures while wiped out.

*Stay in contact with others by calls (sound or video), texting, or email while you are debilitated. You might need to request help and backing from companions, family, or neighbors.

Illuminate your nearby contacts that you are debilitated so these individuals know to self-isolate and remain alert for side effects.

*Call your contacts and disclose to them you are wiped out. By imparting your data to other people, you can slow the spread of ailment.

*Talk to everybody who has been inside 6 feet for in excess of a couple of moments while you were wiped out, including the 48 hours BEFORE you created side effects.

*People that you live with should self-isolate and screen their wellbeing for 14 days AFTER any wiped out individual in the family unit's self-detachment period closes. Other close contacts should self-isolate and screen their wellbeing for 14 days AFTER your last contact.