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Komal Verma

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What to wear this Valentine’s Day?


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Its almost that time of the year when all the couples start to make plans for that one special day in February, yep you guessed it right. Valentine’s day. For women, one of the biggest concerns is what they would wear and how they would look. But you needn’t worry, because here are some great outfit ideas that you can try to get a dreamy look!

1. A feminine dress is a no brainer. Skater fits and floral prints work very well for the occasion. You can pair them with heels and nice accessories to amp up your outfit.


2. Go casual with a pair of jeans and a flowy top teamed up with a blazer.

jeans and a flowy top

3. High waist pants and skirts look pretty too. For a more laid back look you can pair them with sneakers and the comfort that you will feel is an added bonus.

 High waist pants and skirts

4. Wrap dress, slip dress, sequin- all of them will work excellently for a fancy dinner.

 Wrap dress, slip dress, sequin

5. Maxis make for a very romantic look. Due to their flowy and long silhouette, they’ll give you the perfect feminine figure and make you feel like a princess. And besides, you can eat to your heart’s desire in those things, and no one will have a clue!

Black Dress

6. The color red. Red is the international color of love and is a perfect choice for the occasion. A woman in red oozes confidence and poise and is always a head turner.

 A woman in red