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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted on | others

What types of guys you met on “Tinder”?


Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted on

1. Sapiosexual

A very popular word that you have seen in a lot of profiles. These men love to flaunt their vocabulary with fancy words like logophile, sapiosexual, bibliophile, pogonophile etc. but many of them not necessarily know the meaning of these words.

2. Friends with benefits

Many married men on Tinder are looking for ‘just friends with benefits’ kind of relationships with single women or want to have fun outside their marriage.

3. Creeps

After asking you a few courteous questions like hello, what’s up, what are your hobbies, they come to point and ask whether you are interested sex or an open relationship. Even after saying no, these men will follow you on every social media platform.

4. Gym freaks

These are very common profiles on Tinder. The first picture of such men is a gym selfie, the second one flaunts his six-pack abs, and the profile bio makes it even more apparent that he loves his body, that's it.

5. Broken Hearts

These are those men who have created a profile to mend their broken hearts after a break-up. A few of them are looking for rebound relationships, some are looking for partners that may look alike their ex's and many simply love sharing the story of what went wrong in the past relationship.