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What was Muhammad Ali like as a person?


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Mohammed Ali aka Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr was one of the most famous sports person of 20th century. He fits perfectly into his nickname “The Greatest”. There is no doubt about the fact that as a sports person, he was one of the greatest athlete. He was a natural cruiser boxer and was a champion in heavy weight boxing.

When Mohammed Ali was born in 1942, America was not like it now. There were discrimination between white and black. Ali was feeling unsecure and shy at school. He wanted to end the racial differences. In 1970s he raised his voice against the segregation in housing and employment in the US. As a person he was fearless. He spoke publicly against the Vietnam war.

At his younger age Mohammed Ali was shy with girls. But as he got fame and wealth, he liked being surrounded by women. He had so many affairs and cheated his many wives.

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But sometimes he was humble also. If he had seen his fans, he would give autographs and speak to them happily. He liked his image.

Everybody knew that Mohammed Ali was a very angry person and could not control his anger even in boxing ring. Even at his teen age he was irritating his opponents purposefully to deviate their concentration and win. He used slur, racial comments against white opponents and made his winning easy. More over the influence of Gorgeous George made him more ruthless.

As a person he was a fighter for civil rights, wonderful personality but he was a terrible husband and lover. He treated women horribly. 


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A debt of gratitude is in order for the A2A. My Dad, Julius Menendez was Muhammad Ali's mentor and coach during the 1960 Olympic Games. By and by, the main time I truly conversed with Muhammad Ali was picking up the telephone and passing it to my Dad. What I can recount to you depends on stories that my Dad let me know. The image beneath show Muhammad Ali who was named Cassius Clay around then. Muhammad Ali is the tall man. My Dad is second from the right.

To comprehend Muhammad Ali's association with his mentors it is imperative to remember when this occurred. It is 1960 and Muhammad Ali is a youngster, 18 years of age, almost no training when my Dad watched him at the U.S. Olympic Trials in New York. Ali is chosen as a reinforcement to the substantial weight. Whomever will be the U.S. heavyweight will be beaten, no inquiry by the Italian heavyweight.

My Dad really felt that Muhammad Ali was the U.S. best prospect at that weight, however he is one of three judges on the choice board. The primary decision heavyweight became ill just before the Olympics so Muhammad went in his place.

It appears as though Muhammad consistently had a little chip on his shoulder in view of the uncontrolled segregation, the occasions, and his absence of training, however he is an exceptionally splendid youngster. So when the group assembled before the press at Atlantic City before leaving for Rome, Ali would joke with my Dad, "Hello mentor, what's that huge lake out there?", while indicating the Atlantic Ocean. He said a ton of things like this to play the unmindful dark man that he was not as a sort of teasing white individuals joke.

My Dad understood that Muhammad Ali got an opportunity to win a decoration as light overwhelming weight. He would lose against the Italian substantial weight, so Muhammad Ali was changed to the light heavyweight position in the group. So now my Dad must be on Ali about making weight and his eating routine. My Dad recounts to the story that they were plunking down to breakfast together and Ali had a colossal plateful of broiled eggs.

My Dad, "Cassius, what number of eggs is that?"

Ali, "11 eggs"  

My Dad, "Why not 12?"  

Ali, "Goodness mentor, 12 would be twelve and that is too much"  

This is the sort of kidding around that Muhammad Ali was continually doing. He was laying snares for others to fall directly into. Muhammad Ali wins the gold decoration at Rome in the light overwhelming weight class. Francesco del Piccoli of Italy won the Gold in the heavyweight classification. Here are the awards for the U.S.:

Light Welterweight Bronze Quincy Daniels

Light Middleweight Gold Wilbert McClure

Middleweight Gold Eddie Crook Jr.

Light Heavyweight Gold Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali loved consideration he got a kick out of the chance to stick out. Ali was kind of a characteristic conceived garbage talker. My Dad, Julius Menendez was the lord of counter punches and a notable garbage talker. So he helped Ali figure out how to junk talk his rivals which is a significant procedure for a counter puncher and Ali wound up renowned for. Get your adversary irate enough to commit an error and open himself up. So now you know the beginnings of this.

Ali was additionally a sensibly decent skillful deception coin controller which he got from my Dad who was a card controller.

When I was a child, one of different young men in the area, as regularly occurs with young men, disclosed to me his Dad could thump my Dad. I disclosed to him that I didn't think so. This is my Dad, on the left, boxing as an expert welter weight in 1947:


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