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mark Will

sports | Posted 12 Oct, 2018 |

What was the most exciting NFL game ever played? And why?

Tony Abraham

Football enthusiast | Posted 22 Oct, 2018

There is one match, which is by far, the greatest game ever played, and there just can’t be two opinions about that.

It was December 28, 1958 –the date which became golden in the history of NFL.


The match was the first ever NFL game to be televised nationally and was played between Baltimore Colts and New York Giants.

The game was no less than a battle. Watch here:

While in the first half, Baltimore was taking the lead with 14-3, the tables turned in the second half when Giants fought vehemently against the Colt star Johnny Unitas.

The game was so fierce, that none of the team gave up and it ended with a tie. So it became the first overtime in NFL championship history.

The victory was of course of the Colts with 23-17, which they owed to Unitas.

You can rewind and replay the match anytime, and you would get the same Goosebumps always.